Inn by the Ferry

For 2 full days I got to stay at Inn by the Ferry.  We had a check out upstairs and still trying to prepare for the Main Floor Unit “Inn by the Ferry” to be rented. 

Upstairs Serenity by the Sea hosts 2 people comfortably and downstairs 4 people comfortably so full house would be comfortable for 6 but they rent out as separate units with separate entrances. All beds are queen.  One queen up and 2 queens down.  There is the area of the reading nook upstairs see pictures (see ) that would very comfortably sleep a moderate sized person.  So it would work with sleeping 3 upstairs in Serenity by the Sea. 

The units rent separately with completely separate entrances on opposite sides of the house and offset from each other.  We have not rented out the whole house yet.  Please call us if there is interest in the whole house rental and I will answer your questions. 

I am having fun and met a wonderful young lady who will help me as she can. I think we will work well together in maintaining the upkeep and cleaning of the house. 

Please call me if you have any questions about either unit. 




homeAway #3671226 2 bed 2 bath sleeps 4

vrbo #506337 sleeps 2-3


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