Out of Stock…. cute lamp below…. will find another as cute

Darn it!  Got notice that the lamp is out of stock.  I will find another!!!


The base of this lamp is so cute…..

Will need to do something with the shade though.  Looks like nice art piece up top.  We’ll see.  I’m thinking of it for the main floor “Inn by the Ferry” guest room night stand. Yes it looks perfect. Definitely too white but that can be fixed easily I hope. Maybe with some material that will pull out the beautiful colors in the quilt.

New Chairs for downstairs Inn by the Ferry

I bought 2 new comfy chairs for the downstairs unit.  I’m having computer issues or else I’d post a picture here.  They are not in the unit yet so when they get there I’ll hopefully be able to get a good shot and post it here. 

I’m a little nervous because my sense of color matching is not the best.  I loved the look of the cream colored slipper chairs that are currently in the unit but did not think cream was the best color for a Vacation Rental and they were not so comfy.  Plus these chairs are more comfortable.

The pictures that are currently on www.homeaway.com/3671226 “Inn by the Ferry with a View Anacortes Washington”  will be replaced with the new chairs I just got.  I’m hoping and praying they look as good as they are comfortable. Teeheeheee. 

ImageWe just decided what we will do with the 2nd Master Suite in Inn by the Ferry Main Floor Unit – second Master Bedroom. 
We will put a Murphy Bed in there.  There is a work/craft table that’s built into the bed portion and it’s really nice.  We need just the bed though to transform this room. 
The 2nd master bedroom is smaller than the Main Master bedroom. The Main Master bedroom is with an ensuite. The 2nd master room can access a separate bathroom – off their bedroom  and close the main hallway bathroom door.  The bathroom has 2 doors which is really nice. One to the hallway and 1 to the 2nd bedroom.
Ensuite: An ensuite bedroom is a bedroom that has a bathroom facility directly attached to it; a person within that bedroom would not need to leave the room or enter a hallway to reach the bathroom. It is, instead, part of the bedroom. The bathroom contained within an ensuite bedroom will vary in size and features. This design is common in hotel rooms, and it has become increasingly common in private residences as well. Some ensuite bedroom bathrooms feature a toilet and a sink only, while others feature a toilet, sink, and shower or bathtub. Other bathrooms will be more elaborate and feature more amenities. Larger ensuite bedroom bathrooms may feature closet space, a vanity, closet space, or other extra features. The size of the bathroom will expand with the included features, meaning the bedroom itself will essentially be larger. Larger features are not quite as common as modest ensuite bedroom bathrooms that contain only a sink, toilet, and bath. The design, however, is limited only by the builder’s budget and imagination; homeowners can include as many features as they please, as long as the project fits their budget and the space constraints of the home.
The Murphy bed will be a future project because it’s expensive and will need to be hand built.  Time does not permit for hand built right now.  AND we have a simple platform bed and nice mattress that will be in by March 15th – if all goes well.  The bedframe that we will put in this room is smaller than the darker wood furniture that is shown in the pictures on HomeAway. www.homeaway.com/3671226
The built-in wall desk that Ken and Joann Perry built in this 2nd Master Room is awesome!!!  The built-in along with the Murphy bed will make this room feel so much larger.  The whole main floor unit is 1300 sf.
Serenity by the Sea (the upstairs unit www.vrbo.com/506337) is 900 sf with the double views.
This house is such an awesome house and Anacortes is a beautiful peaceful place to be. 
Whether you are Outside House,
Inside House,
In Town,
At the Marina,
In Washington Park riding or camping or running or hiking,
Walking along the Water front trail to town,
catching the Anacortes Ferry to Island Hop – it’s all good.
  Heck I even enjoy being in the garage because I know when I step outside I will have the sea all around me. 🙂

San Juan Islands

San Juan Islands

This is a pretty clear map of the nearby Islands.  Our Vacation Home is less than a mile from the Ferry.  yippee!  I get to visit the house this week and I am looking forward to it.

www.homeaway.com/3671226 main floor 2 master units 1300sf

www.vrbo.com/506337 1 bed 1 bath upstairs apartment with separate entrance on the complete opposite side of main floor entrance. 

The San Jaun Islands and beyond

The San Jaun Islands and beyond

www.homeaway.com/3671226  2 bed 2 bath almost like 2 master suites. 1300sf main level unit in our house.  It is fully furnished.  See HomeAway for pictures, rates and availability calendar.

www vrbo.com/506337 1 bed 1 bath separate entrance on opposite side of house with full kitchen.  Fully Furnished 900sf. See VRBO for pictures, rates and availability calendar.

Go Hawks!

I’m sure there is football games on in both units in our Vacation Rental Home today for the Champion Ship games — but I am not certain as we are not in beautiful Anacortes today.  Can’t wait to see the house next week though.   Go Hawks! 

www.homeaway.com/3671226  2 bed 2 bath 1300 sf

www.vrbo.com/506337 1 bed 1 bath 900 sf