New Listing on VRBO Serenity by the Sea

New Listing on VRBO Serenity by the Sea

We just got this up and running yesterday.  If you have inquired about this property during the change of ownership we will certainly honor any previous rate discussed.  Where every you choose to stay in Anacortes we will always be here to help you learn more about our historic town and surrounding areas.


Location of Anacortes – Pacific Northwest region of Washington and close to Vancouver Canada

400 × 250 –
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Anacortes Arts Festival August 1-3, 2014

400 × 300 –

Professional Synthetic Putting Green for all

Professional Synthetic Putting Green for all

This professional putting green has a view of the Guemes Channel and you will walk by it on your way up to both units of this boutique hotel house. It is for all to enjoy! Fun to sit out at the fire pit next to the green too and enjoy the ferrys!

Kitchen Downstairs in 2 bedroom 2 bath unit

Kitchen Downstairs in 2 bedroom 2 bath unit

One of my favorite views inside this house is from the whole dining area on the first floor. The ferry gets framed in by the bay window that you can see if you peek under the cabinets to the right of the dining table.

Please note that some of the items (on counter etc.) are the previous inn keepers. The mixing set on the counter is not ours…. just the beautiful boutique house that Ken and Joann have so beautifully established in Anacortes.